The "Strangler Cairn"

The "Strangler Cairn" is a granite sculpture in the 'Conondale Range' National Park in Qld, Australia. ('cairn' = rock pile, landmark). It is 13ft high (4m) Sculptured by International Artist Andy Goldsworthy..
This is how it will look for future generations (Below). It will become an internationally recognized 'work of art'.. But, now, it is just a much maligned and mis-understood Cairn.

'Strangler Cairn' and the Strangler Fig - 100 years from now!
This is how it might look in 100 years!

'An Irresistible Force Meets an Immovable Object'..

The stone-artist Anthony Goldsworthy wanted to capture the powerful forces 'at play' in the 'rain-forest'..
* The ruthless power & predatory nature of the Strangler Fig.
* The way that tree will spend hundreds of years gradually crushing the life out of another 'mighty tree'.
* The Granite "egg" pictures an "eternal and ultimate strength" -
* the Strangler Fig is an Irresistible Force that will 'take on' this 'Immovable Object'!
 It will spend the next 300 years locked in battle with it!
* The tiny cutting that Andy planted on the "egg" is from a giant Strangler Fig that had recently fallen on that site.  'Andy' sees the cutting as a re-birth of an ancient giant that now has an even stronger opponent to 'take on'.

The tiny 'Strangler Fig' - Looks innocent enough today (2015)

Strangler Cairn - The Fig cutting

Below - The 'Cairn' today (2015) - plus a few members of 'Brisbane Bushwalkers Club'..

'Strangler Cairn' and the tiny Strangler Fig - now (2015)!

The Granite Cairn is 13ft high (4m)
Contrary to some critical comments, (eg. Courier Mail) the Strangler Fig will not eventually 'destroy' this 'very expensive' cairn. Maybe in 400 years, another Fig will 'have a go', but, the Cairn will remain for thousands of years!

We believe thousands of people will recognize the future value of this great 'work of art' and will support our effort to get it recognized and promoted.. Maybe 'National Parks' can install a small copy of 'Michelles' painting at the site? (Currently, most 'walkers' who visit the site have no idea that the Strangler roots will soon start to en-cage the cairn.)

Construction of the 'Strangler Cairn' by Andy Goldsworthy..

Construction of the 'Strangler Cairn' by Andy Goldsworthy

These 6 images are from the video published by 'Arts-Queensland'..
Click here to view this video on YouTube:

Construction of the 'Strangler Cairn' by Andy Goldsworthy

The granite 'pizza wedge' construction is incredibly strong.. It will withstand the crushing power of the Strangler Fig! When the Fig finally falls, in maybe 400 years, the cairn may loose a few top stones.

Construction of the 'Strangler Cairn' by Andy Goldsworthy

Click here for link to: Qld Gov. Department of National Parks (about Conondale)..

If you would like to visit the 'Strangler Cairn', and you appreciate the power and magnificence of the Rainforest, you should consider joining one of the regions 'Bush Walking' clubs.
Eg. a link to: 'Brisbane Bushwalkers' club..

or.. a link to: 'Bushwalkers of Southern Queensland' (BOSQ)

The full painting by Michelle Faldt - Mexico (a previous student at Maleny High School)
(contact details available via our 'contact us' page..)
[click here to view more paintings & sculptures by Michelle]

Full painting of 'Strangler Cairn' by Michelle Faldt, Mexico

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Author: Brian Max F.; Published Feb/2015 - a wip.